Educate Our Children 

I have worked for nearly 30 years in the Metropolitan Nashville Public School System and have real experience to help shape policy for the academic success of our children.  There are more than 58 schools and MNPS properties in the 19th Senatorial District, which give us an opportunity to focus on the achievements of our students and teachers and provide help when opportunities for assistance is needed. Our students have the unalienable right to learn reading writing and arithmetic. Together we can help them succeed. 


Efficient and Affordable Housing Must Be Identified 

As Nashville experiences a building boom, it is imperative that efficient and affordable housing be identified for the moderate and low income citizens and that residents do not lose their family homes to developers.  Affordable housing and affordable living are the mainstays for a meaningful quality of life for Nashville citizens.  It is my goal to work with developers, elected officials and community organizations to effect positive housing opportunities for our citizens. 


Economic Empowerment & Development Can be Obtained 

Opportunities exist for citizens to be a part of the American Dream. The empowerment approach focuses on mobilizing self-help efforts and increase access to economic resources.  Helping citizens to change their own economic status, as well as that of communities in which they live is my plan for the citizens to develop businesses and participate completely in economic opportunities. 


Employment Means Getting Jobs for our Citizens 

Every citizen should have the opportunity to work in this city.  Every resident, regardless of income level, educational status, sexual orientation or age, should be gainfully employed to take care of their basic living needs.  I will strive for the recruitment of companies, as well as working with existing organizations, to secure employment so that our workforce is solid and steadfast. From the youth to our seniors, as well as ex-offenders, this campaign will strive to provide employment opportunities by working with the entire workforce leadership.